Natalie Ann Fitness

I’m on a journey to grow. I’m tired of shrinking, and I think you are too. Let’s stick our bellies out and or necks out and get fit as hell in the process.

How we’re going to change the world of fitness

Big dreams, I know. My passion truly is for the woman in the gym. I have trained clients of all genders, ages, life backgrounds, fitness experiences in my two years as an in-person fitness professional, but my heart is truly for the woman. Society expects us to shrink, to filter, to be pleasant, to be ladylike. Competitiveness, messiness, dirty grit, rawness, and emotion are looked down on as lack of control. This is what I am here to change. The freedom, independence, confidence, and tenacity that I have found in the messy raw emotion of failure, feels like a secret that society has taught us to repress and I help women liberate themselves from that.

There’s a lot of information out there, let me help you sort through it. Check out my blog!

My Promise to You

I can’t guarantee you perfection, and I can’t guarantee you results (results come from what you’re willing to put into this). But I can guarantee you these things:

  • Evidence based, and progressive training methods
  • Accountability and reliable check ins
  • Encouragement, tough love, and grace
  • Personalized advice

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