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Natalie Ann

ACSM, CPT, EIM Level 2, BS

Health and fitness is a field I fell into somewhat by accident. I graduated from Furman University with a Bachelors of Science in Biology with the intentions of pursuing a Doctorate of Physical Therapy after some time off post graduation. I obtained my Personal Training certification in hopes that it would improve my chances of being accepted to a DPT program, get some practice with client interactions, and stay practicing my anatomy and kinesiology knowledge. What I discovered is a field in desperate need of highly qualified, passionate practitioners who train with intentionality, compassion, and an evidence based approach. I found many trainers who were using the right techniques without knowledge of why they were effective. I felt somewhat disappointed in the CPT course curriculum, that it was lacking many of the nuances of movement, which only left me hungry to learn more.

I’ve always trained, both myself and others, with a combination of toughness and grace. Women in this field tend to be categorized into extremes. One of the things that I realized early on in my fitness career was that anyone who talked in extremes was (generally speaking) not to be trusted. Everything in fitness and health must come with context, there are rarely black and white answers, and you must always ask why. Why often becomes much more important than what. Our clients want to know the why, and oftentimes they don’t get it.

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